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Introducing the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council

Sep 2016

The Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (VBSC), a self-funded business council, launched this week to advance the vinyl industry’s efforts in addressing sustainability.

“Vinyl has the opportunity to be the material of choice for many market segments served by our industry,” said Cristian Barcan, executive director of the VBSC and the Vinyl Institute’s (VI) vice president of sustainability. He explained that the VBSC will be “a collaborative platform for companies, organizations and other industry stakeholders to come together to create a sustainable development path for the industry that includes balanced, science-based, continuous improvement practices that meet the needs of current and future generations."

A path forward for industry collaboration.

“The Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council is a great step forward in bringing the vinyl industry together to address the advocacy, communications and technical issues we encounter everyday relating to sustainability," said Gary Hartman, vice president of sales and marketing for Chelsea Building Products. "As an industry, we recognized that we can accomplish a lot more by working together -- and the VBSC provides a collaborative platform."

The VBSC will support its members’ sustainability efforts through educational programs as well as company and/or product-specific sustainability assessments, key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals, continuous improvement paths, reporting and strategy development.

VBSC membership is open to all interested companies associated with the vinyl industry who are committed to working toward a more sustainable future for the industry. This includes distributors, recyclers, end-product and equipment manufacturers, brand owners, retailers, resellers, end-users, collaboration-driven non-profit organizations, vinyl product associations and VI members.