2017 Vinyl Industry Congressional Fly-in Toolkit

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Prepare for the 2017 Vinyl Industry Congressional Fly-in

Understand the Vinyl Industry

U.S. PVC Industry Topline Facts

  • 2,941 vinyl production facilities in the US
  • 350,000 employees
  • $54.5 billion in economic value
  • 15 billion pounds of vinyl resin produced in the US annually
  • 10 billion pounds sold domestically, 5 billion pounds exported
  • Feedstocks in the US are salt and natural gas
  • 70% goes to the building and construction markets
  • 1 billion pounds of vinyl recycled annually in the US (90% post-industrial, 10% post-consumer)
  • Over 100 vinyl recyclers in the US and Canada
  • 1.4 billion pounds moved to municipal solid waste streams (3% of plastics)
  • Vinyl chloride emissions declined by 83% per unit since 1987
  • PVC production increased 82% since 1987
  • Chlor-vinyl manufacturing dioxin emissions decreased 86% since 2000
  • The vinyl industry injury rate is 1/2 the rate of the chemical industry, and 1/4 the rate of the overall manufacturing industry

Tips: Preparing for and Attending Capitol Hill Meetings

  1. Business attire is a must – suits and ties for men and suits, blouses and skirts, or dresses for women. Comfortable shoes are recommended.
  2. Bring lots of business cards to exchange with introductions and greetings at the start of each meeting.
  3. You can bring cameras and show/tell items, but everything has to go through security. Meetings will be short with little time for sidebar conversations/activities, and you will be on your feet carrying your materials most of the day. Avoid bringing luggage or briefcases.
  4. Follow your personalized schedule. Do not skip assigned meetings. You are part of a team that is counting on you. You may be moving between teams throughout the day.
  5. Before each meeting, be sure to turn off cell phones. Do not check your mail, texts, or voicemails during the meeting.
  6. Many of the meetings will be with Congressional staff. They are often young, but they are experts in their issues. They are the eyes and the ears of the legislator.

Your Message

  1. Practice “elevator speeches” for your introduction and issue asks. 
  2. Describe concisely the economic importance of your company, and the importance of the issue to your company in terms of jobs, growth, revenues, etc.  
  3. Where possible, use your own real-life stories, examples, anecdotes, etc. to help make your point personal, relevant and memorable.
  4. Listen attentively.
  5. Be passionate and polite.  Remember, you are the expert. Be ready to respond to misinformation.
  6. Avoid discussion of fundraising, political campaigns or partisan rhetoric.
  7. Remember to thank the Member/staff for their time and attention.
  8. Invite the Member to visit your facility if he/she represents your plant.

Book Your Hotel Room

The Vinyl Institute has secured a room rate of $389/night plus taxes and fees at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center for May 17-18, 2017.

Remember to book your hotel room. The special room rate is only available until April 14.

The 2017 Vinyl Industry Congressional Fly-in

Join executives from across the vinyl value chain as we advance our key issues with Congress and the new administration in the White House.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017: Join us at the National Press Club for lunch a series of presentations and discussong about each of the issues facing our industry, followed by a reception.

Thursday, May 18, 2017: Our day will start early with a brief bus ride from the Marriott at Metro Place to the Capitol Hill Club, where will embark on meetings with Congressional members and staffers throughout the day, breakfast, lunch and a wrap-up reception.

Take a look at the full agenda.

Navigating Capitol Hill

Getting around Capitol Hill can be somewhat confusing. Here is a map of Capitol Hill to familiarize yourself with the area.

Key Legislative Issues

As policy makers begin crafting their policy agendas for the years ahead, now is the perfect time to meet with your representatives in Congress to ensure our issues are addressed in the new administration. This year’s agenda will cover four issues that are critical to the continued success of the vinyl industry, including regulatory reform, housing policies, trade, and water infrastructure. 

Take a closer look at each issue.

Follow Up with Your Legislators

Thank Your Legisators for Their Time

Click here to see a sample thank you letter that you may send.

Invite Your Legislators to Your Plants

Click here to see a sample invitation to your plants that you may send.

Keep VI Up-to-Date with Your Advocacy Efforts

Please copy John Serrano on all communication to legislators. It is important that VI is aware of your efforts.