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Top Legislative Issues

Regulatory Reform

Recent regulations implemented in the waning months of the Obama administration will vastly exceed that of the previous three two-term presidencies.  While the past four administrations finalized an average of 1.6 major rules a year, President Obama finalized 6 per year.  Last minute rule-making frequently underestimates the cost of a given regulation on businesses and the economy.  In fact, over the next 10 years these new Obama Administration rules are projected to cost businesses $81.6 billion in compliance costs, 155,700 lost jobs, and 411 million hours of paperwork.

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While policymakers in Washington are considering ways to lessen the regulatory burden on homebuilders, legislators are also considering changes to the tax code, credit standards and the secondary mortgage market that could negatively affect housing starts and vinyl manufacturers that supply an array of building products in the housing sector.

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U.S. vinyl manufacturers rely on international trade to grow their businesses which create and maintain jobs here at home. As the new administration prepares to renegotiate trade deals like the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), policy makers must consider the potential impact of rule changes to successful and mature American businesses and their supply chains.

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Water Infrastructure

The new administration has vowed to make infrastructure a top priority, including tripling funding to repair our nation’s deteriorating water infrastructure.  EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has also announced plans to maintain EPA funding to states in the form of grants for water infrastructure projects. As policy makers prepare to address the water infrastructure crisis they should ensure water infrastructure funding programs improve system efficiencies, the stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and the protection of local ratepayers.

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