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Lawmakers and their staff, at the federal, state and local level, want to hear from their constituents about pending legislation and how it affects jobs and communities.


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Find Your Elected Officials 

Knowing who your elected representatives are is a critical piece to participating in our democracy. All you need is your zipcode to determine who represents you at the Federal, State and Local level. Learn more.

Support Industry Issues 

Ask your elected officials to support specific bills that affect the vinyl industry. Below are the legislative issues where your help is needed. It's easy! Click on an issue to see a draft email you can customize, then send to your elected official(s). 

Track Congressional Votes 

The Vote Center is where you can find out the status of various federal bills that impact the vinyl industry, and see how your elected official(s) in the House and Senate voted. 

Learn more.

Become a Vinyl Advocate 

The Vinyl Institute provides numerous ways for the vinyl industry to keep up on industry issues and to engage with lawmakers including: Vinyl News Service bi-weekly newsletter, email campaigns, and vinyl industry congressional fly-in

Meet with Your Congressional Lawmakers

As part of the Vinyl360 event, conference attendees have an opportunity to meet with lawmakers on Capitol Hill. This is your opportunity to tell your elected officials about the impact legislation has or will have on your employees and your company. Learn more.

Download the Vinyl Industry Resources Mobile App

The Vinyl Institute offers a free Vinyl Industry Resources mobile app that is available for iOS and Android phones. In addition to vinyl industry information, the app features a federal and state directory that includes profile and contact information for elected officials. Those federal officials with vinyl facilities in their districts have vinyl industry information, such as number of facilities and number of employees, added to their profiles. Learn more.

Host a Plant Tour - Invite Elected Officials to your Facility

Vinyl Industry members are encouraged to invite their state and federal lawmakers for plant tours of the facilities in a Congressional member’s district. The Vinyl Institute has created a Plant Tour Guide that provides all the information and steps needed to implement a successful plant tour.

To find out more about the Vinyl Institute’s legislative advocacy efforts and join the growing list of vinyl champions that advocate at the state and federal level contact John Serrano.