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The Vinyl Institute, associated vinyl industry associations, allied organizations and companies provide continuing education programs for architects and designers who specify building products, and vinyl product marketers and sales teams who inform their customers about innovative vinyl applications.

Working with leading universities and student organizations, the Vinyl Institute develops and sponsors university outreach programs that encourage materials exploration and innovation.


Architects and Designers

Material Science is fascinating and thought provoking. The Vinyl Institute created continuing edcuation programs to familiarize architects and designers with the range of solutions vinyl provides for today's design challenges. Learn more.


Product Marketers & Sales Representatives

Vinyl In Design sales and marketing training is a second level course developed to provide the answers to the environmental questions regarding vinyl as a building material. This course provides an overview of current issues and trends in vinyl technology. Learn more.


University Outreach

The Vinyl Institute is committed to smart material selection, and to ensuring future decisions makers have the material education they need to make informed choices. That’s why the Vinyl institute as invested more than $1.6M over the past five years in programs to encourages material exploration and innovation. Learn more.