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Product Marketers & Sales

Vinyl In Design sales and marketing training is a second level course developed to provide the answers to the environmental questions regarding vinyl as a building material.

This course provides an overview of current issues and trends in vinyl technology. Sales teams are most-likely well trained on the company’s product features, benefits, pricing and delivery. This program is designed to educate on them on the raw material used to make the product.

From this course, sales and marketing teams will understand:

  • The resin manufacturing process, government regulations for worker safety and plant emissions.
  • Product manufacturing, energy consumption, additives used in the compounding process and the studies relating to the safety of additives. This includes phthalate plasticizers, and stabilizers.
  • How vinyl building products perform during their service life. This addresses fire science, durability, thermal efficiency, specific energy saving products, maintenance, and indoor environmental quality.
  • What happens at the end of the useful life of a product? This section addresses vinyl recycling, landfill disposal, and incineration.
  • We will summarize vinyl’s environmental impact and what efforts are being made to further improve the environmental footprint.
  • Lastly, we will have a discussion about rating systems, EPD, HPD, multi—attribute standards and IGCC code.

This class can be taught in-person or via webinar. To schedule, please contact Terry Murphy. Free for VI and Vinyl Building Council silver and gold members.