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“Vinyl Verified” Launched to Confront Media Bias, Alarmist Deceptions About Vinyl

Apr 2016

The Vinyl Institute has joined a consortium of vinyl industry organizations to create Vinyl Verified, a new effort that will challenge irresponsible media coverage and misinformation about the material in the public domain. The platform will confront media bias, alarmist commentary and competitive mischaracterizations about vinyl in the online discourse.

Exposing inaccuracies, omissions, flawed data – and collusion between activists and press when it exists – will be a central part of this new initiative. As we know, vinyl is a remarkable, versatile, durable, and economical material, but a select number of competitive interests and agenda-driven activists have advanced a dishonest campaign to mislead consumers, and deny them their right to make their own decisions about vinyl.

This irresponsible pattern of attacks on vinyl products has become harmful, at the expense of consumer safety and efficacy. The Vinyl Verified effort will hold reporters accountable to their own journalism standards in how they cover vinyl -- and will call out groups and others who deceive the public about this innovative material. 

Members of Vinyl Verified include, Flexible Vinyl Alliance, Plastic Pipe and Fittings Association, PMC Group, Resilient Floor Covering Institute, The Vinyl Institute, and Vinyl Siding Institute. Please visit to learn more, and follow us on Twitter @Vinyl_Vfied.