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ACC Builds a Tiny House Filled with Plastics

Dec 2015

American Chemistry Council's (ACC) Plastics Make It Possible initiative and Zack Griffin, co-host of FYI Network’s “Tiny House Nation,” teamed up to build an energy-efficient tiny house using innovative plastic building products.

The Department of Energy estimates that most houses and buildings in the U.S. consume a whopping 41 percent of our nation’s energy, due in large part to older, less efficient building materials. The Plastics Make it Possible tiny house showcases innovative plastic building products that can improve energy efficiency in all houses–tiny and not so tiny.

“This tiny house is a great way to show how modern building materials can improve any home’s energy efficiency,” said Steve Russell, vice president of the Plastics Division at the American Chemistry Council. “In one small space, visitors can see more than a dozen ways that innovative plastic building products work together to help save energy and money on utility bills.”

Vinyl in the Tiny House

The Tiny House, filled with plastics, has a number of different vinyl applications. Vinyl siding and trim appear on the outside, showcasing the material’s superior environmental performance when compared to other exterior cladding. Vinyl windows are also featured, ensuring energy efficiency, durability, and low maintenance. The Tiny House also showcases luxury vinyl flooring, exhibiting a sustainable product—a longer lifecycle with a lower cost of ownership throughout the life of the floor.

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