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Susan Wade Dec 2016

Fir Or Faux? (aka, the Great Christmas Tree Debate)

You might love the smell of fresh pine and associate that with your own childhood, but others may think pine needles all over the house, and opt for the PVC variety instead.

Richard Krock Dec 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Dioxins

Dioxin are not a building materials or interior products health concern because human exposure overwhelmingly comes from the food we eat.

John Serrano Dec 2016

VI Joins Call for Additional Input on Changes to Risk Management Program

VI joined the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and a diverse group of public and priva

John Serrano Dec 2016

EPA Names First Chemicals for Review Under LCSA

As required by the new

John Serrano Dec 2016

EPA Sends LCSA Prioritization Rule to OMB

EPA has drafted a pre-publication proposed rule to establish a formal process for prioritizing ex