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From Billboard Ads to Almost Anything

Sep 2015
The Many Reuses of Vinyl

Vinyl billboards are engineered to hang outdoors along highways and interstates and withstand the nastiest of weather – from harsh winters in the northeast to high heat and drought in the southwest. They are made of UV-protected and water resistant vinyl layers, with a layer of rip-stop nylon scrim sandwiched between the layers to keep the vinyl from tearing.

Once a brand’s campaign is over, what happens to the billboard?

Once the campaign is over and a billboard is taken down, the vinyl can be repurposed as an alternative to landfilling.  Some are used as is and turned into great tarps, covers, liners, tarpaulins, etc. Others are cut and subdivided to begin new life as stitched handbags, tote bags, or reusable sacks and pouches. Reclaiming and either repurposing the entire billboard or using the material in your next product is a sustainable disposition that saves energy and reduces the overall carbon footprint of this application.  Send us your innovative use of billboards. Some of the interesting and innovative repurposed uses of vinyl billboards we have come across so far are:

  • Chicken Coop Roof
  • Construction Tarp
  • Hot Tub Cover
  • Ice Rink Liner
  • Pool Liner
  • Slip and Slide