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Vinyl Global Outlook
Susan Wade Feb 2019

The Outlook for Vinyl: Global and Purpose-Driven

You can’t afford to ignore your naysayers. That was the advice given to Vinyl360 participants by Roberto Ribeiro, who sees significant opportunities for the U.S. vinyl industry.

Sustainability and your company's bottom line
Susan Wade Jan 2019

Sustainability and Your Company's Bottom Line

There is a green reward. That’s the key takeaway from Libby Bernick about the value of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities being undertaken by companies. In other words, sustainability isn’t just good for the planet—it’s also good for your bottom line.

Sustainability is a Global Concern - Townsend Solutions
Susan Wade Nov 2018

5 Takeaways on Sustainability from Vinyl360

The Vinyl Institute and the Vinyl Sustainability Council brought together the US vinyl supply chain to discuss stakeholder engagement and perspectives on sustainability. The conversaton spanned how far the industry has come to how much more we can do to drive innovation and continuous improvement. Vinyl360 participants heard a series of perspectives on how sustainability initiatives impact business strategy, supply chains, employees and customers. Here are five takeaways from the discussion.

Susan Wade Oct 2018

At Vinyl360, Sustainability Is On the Table

Sustainability will be front and center at this year’s Vinyl360 conference, scheduled for October 31-November 2 in New Orleans. In addition to a discussion about the U.S. vinyl industry’s sustainability journey, participants will hear a series of stakeholders perspectives on this critical topic.

Susan Wade Apr 2018

This Earth Day, We Celebrate Vinyl’s Durability and Recyclability

April 22 is Earth Day! This year, we want to take a moment to celebrate vinyl’s durability and recyclability. 

Susan Wade Nov 2017

VI 2017 Health, Safety, and Environmental Award Recipients

The Vinyl Institute announced the award recipients of its annual safety and environmental awards,