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Congresswoman Miller Tours IPEX Pipe Facility in Michigan

Sep 2016

While Congress was out for summer recess, VI and our members were hard at work setting up plant tours for our members’ elected officials.  VI helped to secure a plant tour for Congresswoman Candice Miller at IPEX’s facility in Chesterfield, Michigan.  The facility manufacturers PVC pipe and fittings that the company sells domestically and exports abroad.  The facility employs 26 people and consists of about 50,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space.  

Congresswoman Miller was impressed by the company’s innovative approach to manufacturing so many different products at one location.  

“Today, I toured IPEX Corporation’s state-of-the-art Chesterfield facility, which opened its doors in 2013,” Miller said.  “Seeing their operations firsthand, it is easy to understand how the manufacturing company boasts one of the world’s top lines of thermoplastic piping systems that have led to consistent growth over the last 50 years.  Their systems are now used for underground water and sewer projects all around the world – from Macomb County to Kuwait.”

Congresswoman Miller also got the opportunity to learn more about the water infrastructure issues facing the vinyl industry.  In particular, the local monopolies that prevent competition in the bidding process and drive up costs for rate payers across the country.

“Our employees really enjoyed getting to meet Congresswoman Miller today,” said Ves Sobot, IPEX director of corporate affairs.  “These kinds of relationships are critically important to our company and the thousands of skilled individuals we employ across the US and Canada.  It gives us an opportunity to get to know our elected officials a little better and helps them understand the value our company and employees provide to the district.  The next time our company or one of our employees needs support on an issue impacting this facility or our other operations across the country, we know we can call on Congresswoman Miller for support.” 

As we prepare for a new Congress in 2017, VI begun reaching out to Congress and our members to set up more facility tours after the November elections.  If your company is interested in scheduling a plant tour or helping support the VI’s advocacy efforts, please contact John Serrano.