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Construction Specifier Explores The Benefits Of CPVC Pipe

Dec 2014

CPVC pipe offers greater value over the course of its service life than other piping materials, that according to an article in The Construction Specifier. More stable prices than other materials and resistance to harsh chemicals, corrosion, and scaling, are just a few of the reasons CPVC pipe is making great strides in the piping industry.

Unlike metal pipes, PVC and CPVC use a cold-welding technique using chemical solvents. This eliminates the need for hot welding equipment that requires more skilled installers, reduces installation time, and eliminates potential hazards from hot welding, including fire. “Some areas of the country have hard water, with calcium carbonate levels that cause metallic pipes and fittings to be more prone to scaling,” the article said. “Only the polyvinyl family of thermoplastic piping materials is inherently resistant to these oxidative effects because of the chemical structure, making this a far less risky and more trusted selection for the piping system specifier.” CPVC also resists the accumulation of biofilms unlike other metal or plastic piping materials. In fact, “a 1999 study by the KIWA Institute in the Netherlands, Legionella bacteria growth was found to be comparably low in CPVC piping compared to steel and cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) systems.”