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Find Out Which Global Trends to Watch

Jul 2015

Learn about the top global trends affecting manufacturing at this year’s Vinyl Institute Annual Meeting.

Jeffrey Rosensweig, an international business and finance professor at Goizueta Business School at Emory University, will keynote this year’s meeting with a discussion of evolving global economic, financial, and demographic trends that drive a successful growth strategy in the vinyl industry. Before joining Emory, he served as a senior international economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.

Rosensweig’s research focuses on several economic topics, including the implications of globally diverse demographic trends for business.

In advance of the annual meeting, The Vinyl Institute talked to Rosensweig about global trends and what he’s reading now.

Exchange rates matter.

Asked what one trend manufacturers should watch, Rosensweig said businesses need to keep an eye on widespread exchange rates globally. He told us that these exchange rates will “significantly impact manufacturing competition.” Rosensweig added that while many manufacturers are aware that the U.S. dollar has become costly vis-à-vis the Canadian dollar and the euro, a lot of people forget about the impact of other currencies in a global marketplace.

Economics is interesting.

Rosensweig said that he’s reading Coined: The Rich Life of Money and How It Has Shaped Us. He told us that “this portrayal of the history and future of money shows that economics can be interesting.”