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Growing Impacts of the Government Shutdown

Jan 2019

Today marks 35 days since the government shutdown and it’s now officially the longest shutdown in American history.  Although many Americans have yet to feel the direct effects, they are beginning to have significant impacts on the economy.

For example, road and highway construction has halted in many cases due to lack of secure federal funding.  The Food and Drug Administration has suspended reviews of new drugs and biologics.  At the EPA, environmental testing, inspections, and permit approvals are being delayed, impacting the ability of manufacturers to expand operations.  A prolonged shutdown could also delay votes to confirm Andrew Wheeler as the new EPA Administrator. 

On Thursday, the Senate voted on dueling proposals by House Democrats and Senate Republicans to reopen the government.  However, neither proposal secured the 60 votes needed to pass.  Continue reading for more information on the shutdown and what Congress is doing to get resolve the issue.

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