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Hear from Environmentalist Patrick Moore on his Evolution to Pro-vinyl

Jul 2017

Join colleagues from across the vinyl value chain to hear from Vinyl360 keynote speaker Dr. Patrick Moore, also world renowned as the "Sensible Environmentalist!"

A cofounder of Greenpeace, Moore left the organization due to their non-scientific and aggressive campaign to ban chlorine world-wide.

Made from chlorine, Moore calls vinyl “the most important plastic of all the plastics used in building.” and considers vinyl one of the most beneficial and sustainable materials used for a multitude of applications that benefit human kind.

While Greenpeace positions vinyl as the “single most environmentally damaging type of plastic” and chlorine as “the devil’s element,” conversely, Moore argues that chlorine is the most important element on the periodic table for public health, medicine, safe drinking water, and preventing the spread of disease because of its ability to eliminate bacteria.

Moore also argues that “vinyl workers have lower injuries and illnesses than the chemical industry in general and the manufacturing sector as a whole.”, and identifies the vinyl industry as one of of the safest environments to be employed.

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