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Industry Launches Alliance to End Plastic Waste

Jan 2019

An alliance of global chemical companies, plastic producers, and consumer goods manufacturers has launched a new initiative to end plastic waste in the environment.  The Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW) officially launched on January 16, with a $1 billion commitment to address the growing issue of plastic waste.  The Alliance hopes to invest $1.5 billion in the project over the next five years.

“History has shown us that collective action and partnerships between industry, governments, and NGOs can deliver innovative solutions to a global challenge like this,” said Bob Patel, CEO of LyondellBasell, and a vice chairman of the AEPW. “The issue of plastic waste is seen and felt all over the world. It must be addressed, and we believe the time for action is now.”

AEPW is a non-profit organization consisting of “companies that make, use, sell, process, collect and recycle plastics.”  Initially, the Alliance will focus on four key areas, including infrastructure development to improve waste management, fostering innovation and scaling new technologies, education and stakeholder engagement, and clean up projects targeting plastic waste hot spots. 

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