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New VI Strategy Focuses on “The Material of Choice”

Mar 2016

The Vinyl Institute has rolled out a new, 2016-2019 Strategic Plan centered on the vision of making vinyl “the material of choice for diverse products that enhance the quality of life.”

In introducing the new plan, VI President Dick Doyle said that that the industry has “a real opportunity to continue the momentum in expanding markets for sustainable and resilient vinyl product applications.”

Dr. Bill Carroll, former chair of the VI Operating Committee, led the development of the strategic plan. He said that the plan was developed with several long-term trends in mind. These include the rise of non-state actors (e.g., non-traditional, quasi-governmental authorities); the role of the Internet in individual empowerment; the diffusion of power (as developing countries grow); the resource needs of a growing population; and shifting demographics. On the last point, Carroll noted that vinyl products are well positioned to meet the growing needs of an expanding world population based on their abundant feedstocks and durability.

The heart of the new VI strategic plan is six key objectives:

  • to advocate industry priorities
  • to communicate the benefits of vinyl products
  • to engage companies and organizations that impact the selection of vinyl products
  • to champion continuous improvements throughout the industry
  • to foster global collaboration throughout the industry
  • to drive operational excellence and be responsive to member needs

Doyle noted that the vinyl industry has achieved tremendous progress in improving its overall health, safety, and environmental performance over the past several decades. “The vinyl industry is continuing to build on these achievements as we advance our overall sustainability platform,” he said. Carroll noted that, “the new VI Strategic Plan provides appropriate direction on the areas that will allow the vinyl industry to continue to meet the ever- growing needs of people throughout the world.”