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PVC Reemerges as a Popular Fashion Fabric

Sep 2017

New York Fashion Week (NYFW), September 7–13, featured a handful of designers using PVC. NYFW is a series of events when fashion collections are shown to buyers and revealed to the public.

Shoes, Dresses, Bags — All Made of PVC

In fashion, PVC usually has a high gloss or a patent shine and tends to be on the stiffer side. It acts as a great imitation leather or patent leather. Presently, it’s often referred to “vegan leather.”

PVC made its emergence in fashion in the 1960s with fashion designers like Pierre Cardin. These PVC designs then made their way into pop culture, showcased on television shows like The Avengers.

In the mid-1970s, PVC made a comeback — specifically black PVC. It was a part of the punk uniform, with allusions to the fetish world.

Now it’s back again!