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Dec 2016

VI, AAI Letter Outlines Key Priorities for LCSA Implementation

VI has joined the American Alliance for Innovation (AAI) and 58 other associations in sending a l

Oct 2016

EPA to Fast-Track 5 Chemicals under New TSCA Law

On Tuesday, EPA announced that it had selected five chemicals to receive expedited action under t

Industry Update
Susan Wade Jul 2016

No Need for Vinyl Chloride to be Added to TSCA Priority List

As one of the first chemicals on the initial TSCA priority list, vinyl chloride has been thoroughly studied and heavily regulated for the past 40 years in order to eliminate the risk of exposure to anyone.

Jun 2016

President Obama Signs TSCA Reform into Law

On Wednesday President Obama signed into law, The Frank R.

TSCA Reform Passes! Jun 2016

TSCA Reform Passes!

After years of hard work and negotiation, the U.S.