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Tell Congress to Support Strong Preemption in TSCA Reform

Apr 2016

VI is continuing to meet with Members of Congress working on a final compromise to the TSCA reform legislation that passed the House and Senate last year.  The two chambers are working to iron out the differences in the bills and come to a final agreement.  All sides continue to say they are working to get things wrapped up in April, or May at the latest.  We’ve heard from several sources that April could be very busy on TSCA and may even see this across the finish line.  

A key point of contention is the extent to which state laws should be preempted.  Businesses and manufacturers have argued that strong federal preemption would prevent a patchwork of state regulatory regimes to navigate.  

VI also sent a letter with 151 associations and companies to the House and Senate leadership and staff currently negotiating a final TSCA reform bill.  The letter calls for quick negotiation on compromise legislation and outlines the industry’s top priorities, including state preemption, to include in a final agreement.

Click here to sign our petition calling on Congressional conferees to include strong preemption in TSCA reform.