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VI Attends VSI Annual Meeting in Chicago

Apr 2017

On Tuesday April 25, VI’s VP of Government Affairs, Kevin Koonce spoke at the Vinyl Siding Institute’s Annual Meeting in Chicago to provide an update on efforts to work with the Trump administration to correct the myriad of overregulation instituted over the past eight years.  Koonce also discussed key issues related to the vinyl industry including housing and trade – both of keen interest to the audience - as well as providing an overview of VI’s communications, sustainability, stakeholder outreach, and global coordination efforts. 

Koonce also joined VSI President and CEO Kate Offringa in highlighting next month’s vinyl industry fly-in and asked those present to participate.  More information here.

Following Koonce, Derek Young of Derek Young and Associates gave a presentation on the history and need for the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (VBSC).  Young, who has been involved in the sustainability sector for two decades, explained how consumers, and therefore the market will continue to demand sustainability from suppliers regardless of the political landscape.  Young pointed out that the vinyl industry is uniquely positioned to take a leadership position in sustainability and is, in fact, already well underway towards that objective through the VBSC.  Finally, he asked for additional company involvement as the entire vinyl value chain places itself as a standout example of what constitutes sustainable manufacturing. 

For further information on the VBSC or how to become a member, please contact Derek Young at or VBSC Executive Director, Cristian Barcan at