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VI Joins The Sustainability Consortium for Summit 2017

Apr 2017

The Vinyl Institute (VI) is sponsoring The Sustainability Consortium (TSC) Summit, taking place on April 11-13 in Washington, DC.

This year’s TSC summit concentrates on three main themes: impact, measurement, and innovation. During the summit, members and their invited guests will discuss supply chain innovations, share ideas, and work collaboratively to create more sustainable products.

Cristian Barcan, vice president of sustainability and executive director of the Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council, will be moderating a roundtable discussion on the value of partnership and collaboration.

The Sustainability Consortium is dedicated to improving the sustainability of consumer products. Its members include manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, governmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations, and academics. TSC convenes its stakeholders at regular intervals to collaborate to build science-based decision tools and solutions that address sustainability issues that are materially important throughout a product’s supply chain and lifestyle.

Here’s why VI is a Consortium member.

VI is a member of the Sustainability Consortium. Our membership allows the vinyl industry to work more closely with retailers to shape company and product-level sustainability scorecards. It also gives the industry the ability to provide feedback related to the final outcome of vinyl-related KPIs and product category sustainability profiles.