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VI Welcomes Legislation that Promotes Open Bidding Policies for Water Infrastructure Projects

Jun 2018
Large Diameter PVC Pipe

The following statement may be attributed to Vinyl Institute President and CEO, Richard M. Doyle, in response to legislation introduced today by Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that would extend the current USDA policy on opening bidding for water infrastructure projects to all federally funded programs.

“We applaud Senator Paul (R-KY) for introducing the Water Infrastructure Transparency Act (WITA) (S.3121)  that supports open and free design and bidding policies for water infrastructure projects that receive federal tax dollars.

“The WITA bill extends current USDA policy on opening bidding for water infrastructure to all federally funded programs.  It will allow municipalities to stretch taxpayers’ dollars and lower local ratepayers’ costs. Studies have shown that when municipalities require open design and bidding for piping systems the project costs are 30- to 50-percent less, regardless of the type of piping material selected.

“Each year more than 2.6 trillion gallons of treated water leak from antiquated and corroding iron and cement pipes. Costs savings from competitive design and bidding policies result in more pipe installed per project which is essential to addressing the dire needs of our nation’s decaying water infrastructure.”

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