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Vinyl Siding News: Environmental Product Declarations and a New Look

Aug 2016

The Vinyl Siding Institute, in conjunction with UL Environment and Sustainable Solutions Corporation, has issued Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) for vinyl siding, isolated vinyl siding, and polypropylene siding.

These EPDs, which promote transparency to the public, contain qualified environmental data based on information from a life-cycle assessment. They also provide research and development teams with environmental data as a means to drive product design decisions; they also contribute to green building standards.

“These EPDs allow us to provide insight into the ‘green’ attributes of our products using globally harmonized reporting methods based on facts and science, which builds credibility with specifiers, architects, and developers who have been fed misinformation by strident environmental groups,” said Matt Dobson, Vinyl Siding Institute’s vice president of code and regulatory.

Vinyl siding is looking for a new look.

In other news, vinyl siding is getting an aesthetic overhaul.

The Vinyl Siding Institute has partnered with notable urbanist architects Steve Mouzon and Andres Duany. Their goal is to take vinyl cladding and reimage it in a way that embraces the material that it is rather than having it mirror other materials (i.e., that it is a plastic, and not make it look like wood).