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At Vinyl360, Sustainability Is On the Table

Oct 2018

Sustainability will be front and center at this year’s Vinyl360 conference, scheduled for October 31-November 2 in New Orleans. In addition to a discussion about the U.S. vinyl industry’s sustainability journey, participants will hear a series of stakeholders perspectives on this critical topic.

Come to Vinyl360 to learn how sustainability initiatives impact business strategy, supply chains, employees and customers. Speakers will discuss:

·         The global perspective, and how sustainability will play a significant role in both North America and around the world.

·         The financial perspective, including how the investor community is looking to quantify progress in a company’s sustainable footprint.

·         The retail role, and how large retailers are embracing sustainability in their operations.

·         Municipal planning, and the role it can play in fostering sustainable cities

·         Green building, and the role of certification and sustainability

Key conference speakers include Roberto Ribeiro, president of Townsend Solutions; Libby Bernick, managing director and global head of Trucost Corporate Business at S&P Global; Chris Cassell, director of corporate sustainability at Lowe’s Home Improvement; Mary Kinkaid, chief resilience officer for New Orleans; and Susan Dorn, general counsel for U.S. Green Building Council.

Roberto Ribeiro runs a consultancy that provides market research and advisory services to the petrochemical industry. He is responsible for researching and publishing global market reports that look at trends and drivers of different products and applications in more than 100 countries. And, yes, that includes the role of sustainability.

Libby Bernick is responsible for environmental, social, and governance product development, research, and sales activities for Trucost. She has worked for over 25 years integrating environmental and sustainability information into business decision making. Bernick has also advised global multinational corporations, development banks, investors, and foundations on environmental and social issues.

Chris Cassell is responsible for developing Lowe’s sustainability strategy, including monitoring trends and environmental risk. He also develops and maintains relationships with environmental nongovernmental organizations, key community groups, and trade and scientific organizations to anticipate threats and mitigate their impact on the business.

Mary Kinkaid is responsible for guiding the City of New Orleans’ climate action and sustainability strategy, Resilient New Orleans. In her role she helps the city embrace environmental change equitably while also promoting sustainability as a growth strategy.

Susan Dorn is the general counsel for both the U.S. Green Building Council and its credentialing subsidiary, the Green Building Certification Institute. She is also a sought-after speaker on the issues of governance, voluntary certification, accreditation, governmental regulation, and licensure.

Register today to join the conversation at Vinyl360 and learn how to talk about your sustainable development path forward.