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Vinyl's Role in Sports

Jan 2017

The NFL season is heading to its biggest day with Super Bowl LI on February 5. Meanwhile, U.S. professional hockey and basketball leagues are in full swing and baseball is about to ramp up. 

So, naturally, our thoughts turn to vinyl, a material that plays a role in a wide variety of sports.

Vinyl’s use in sports improves safety, not only for athletes but also for spectators. Vinyl can also reduce costs and lowers the environmental footprint in sporting areas and equipment manufacturing. In addition, vinyl’s resilience and flexibility lends itself to taking a beating day after day. Because of its impermeability, vinyl can be used in any weather, from a bright sunny day at the ballpark to a rainy day fishing on a boat.

Where is vinyl found in sports?

Vinyl is a building and construction material, so it’s obviously in arenas, stadiums and gyms. True. While vinyl has an important role in these venues, including vinyl roofs, floors, seats, wiring, and pipes, vinyl is also found in a lot of sporting equipment:

  • Rescue buoys (swimming)
  • Surface mats (wrestling, gymnastics)
  • Padded post guards (football, rugby, soccer)
  • Sparring pads & gloves (boxing, mixed martial arts)
  • Car graphic wraps (auto racing)

Vinyl really is all over the sports world. So next time you’re out participating in a sport or watching others, see what vinyl you can spot.