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Case Study: Apartment Complex

Durable & Sustainable Vinyl Siding Renews North Carolina Apartment Complex

Situation Analysis

When King Properties Inc. decided that it was time for a complete exterior renovation of its Walden at Greenfields apartment complex in Chapel Hill, N.C., much attention was given to the selection of exterior siding. After continuous staining, the original wood fiber siding was delaminating, and rosin was seeping through, causing discoloration.

Mike Hunt, Sales Consultant for Coast to Coast Commercial Enterprises of Chesterfield, Va., one of the largest installers of vinyl siding in the Mid-Atlantic region, met with King Properties’ owner and staff about exterior renovation options for the nearly 30-year-old complex. 

Application Insight

The fire rating and curb appeal were among the top considerations for siding. In addition, the material needed to be durable and low maintenance to replace the deteriorating, existing siding.

“The pressure-molded wood fiber siding had faded badly and became penetrated with water over the years, leading to deterioration in some sections,” says Hunt. “We needed to replace the siding with a low maintenance and attractive material. We’ve used vinyl siding products over the years on other projects, and vinyl siding was the perfect answer for this project. We replaced the rotted sheathing, applied a housewrap, and then installed the vinyl siding and vinyl soffit and 3-1/2-inch vinyl window lineals.” The vinyl has a “new look” of classic wood grain, which has helped increase apartment rentals.

Walden’s success with vinyl siding has influenced the exterior selection for another local property: “We’re looking to replace the siding on a nearby 248-unit apartment complex with, of course, vinyl,” Hunt says.

Vinyl Benefits

PVC piping reduces pumping energy requirements; exhibits lower breakage rates, is completely recyclable, consumes less manufacturing energy with virtually no waste, and on this project, lowered environmental impact over open-cut methods. Additionally, PVC pipe inhibits the growth of biofilm and is highly durable, with the American Water Works Association Research Foundation reporting a projected life expectancy of more than 110 years.

“Vinyl has a better flow performance; it doesn’t shrink or swell with temperature; it is more rigid; it holds up better than HDPE (high-density polyethylene); it is easier to install; and it doesn’t have to be fused. You can use snap-on PVC saddles to quickly add a tap,” says Harris.

The static pipe bursting with restrained-joint PVC pipe has not only made sewer main replacement faster; it also lowered costs.

“The choice was clear, for now and the future, as pipe bursting with PVC pipe is the only method capable of increasing the diameter of an existing pipe for future use,” concludes Harris.

Project Name: Walden at Greenfields Apartments
Location: Chapel Hill, NC
Owner: King Properties Inc.
Date Completed: 2013
General Contractor: Coast to Coast Commercial Enterprises
Siding: MainStreetSingle 6ó” Beaded Vinyl Siding in Cypress, Vinyl Soffit and Window Lineals
Manufacturer: CertainTeed®
Vinyl Benifits: Vinyl siding requires low maintenance, can last 50 or more years, resists insect damage and creates an efficient building envelope. In fact, the use of MainStreetvinyl siding with recycled content may contribute to credits under LEED® MR Recycled Content, energy efficiency and durability. The vinyl siding in this application is Class 1(A) fire rated and contributes less carbon dioxide emissions (on a Life Cycle Assessment basis) than other cladding materials. CertainTeed® takes back post-consumer siding from builders and manufactured housing plants, creating a “cradle-to-cradle” system. CertainTeed® coordinates the operations of over 200 vinyl recycling centers across the U.S. to reclaim vinyl siding.


Information for this study prepared through interviews and research conducted by Interline Creative Group, Inc. on behalf of The Vinyl Institute©