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Technical Papers

Get detailed, science-based technical information about vinyl and vinyl manufacturing. 

Fire Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride

Fire Properties of Polyvinyl Chloride examines the science behind why polyvinyl chloride (PVC, or vinyl) possesses excellent fire performance properties. It draws from multiple studies and both small-scale and full-scale tests to assess the fire properties of vinyl as well as its contribution to overall fire hazard.

The Role of PVC Resins in Sustainabile Design

This technical paper discusses how PVC resin has intrinsic properties that allow finished products to meet the four core principals of sustainability: protection of the environment, promotion of human health, conservation of resources, and assurance of social and economic well-being to the global population.This collection of technical papers reveal evidence-based facts on different elements of vinyl and the vinyl life cycle. 

Material Matters: Vinyl's Role in Sustainability, Resilience and the Education of Design Professionals

This white paper discusses society's need to not only consider more sustainable approaches to meeting needs, it must also think about resilience -- the ability of systems to bounce back from stress, spring back into shape, survive, adapt and grow regardless of the type of shock or chronic stress it may endure. Today's architects are expected to know more about materials and must be equipped to practice in an era of understanding traditional materials used 100 years ago is no longer adequate.

Recycling as a Sustainability Practice in the North American Vinyl Industry

This technical paper provides an overview of the 2014 survey results of more than 100 vinyl recyclers in North America.