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Cristian Barcan

VP, Sustainability & Industry Affairs

Cristian Barcan leads the Vinyl Institute’s overall campaign to advance the vinyl industry’s sustainability commitment and progress, and builds positive relationships with key influencers. Cristian has over two decades experience in the chemical industry, working for BASF and UL in developing value based sustainability programs. He received the highest level of certification from the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. And also held a number of leadership roles at The Sustainability Consortium, Sustainable Brands, Green Building Initiative, and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association.

Contact Information:

Cristian Barcan VP, Sustainability & Industry Affairs

(202) 765-2279

Cristian Barcan Aug 2016

Wrap It Up and Tell Your Story With (Sustainability) Reporting

It’s time to tell the world about your sustainability efforts.

Cristian Barcan Aug 2016

KPIs and Goals Are Key to Your Sustainability Strategy

Achieving your brand’s sustainable path requires a data-driven approach – plus key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals to guide you forward.

Cristian Barcan Jun 2016

The Role of Lifecycle Assessments in Sustainability

A lifecycle assessment (LCA) lets you calculate your total environmental footprint, and is a key step in measuring progress toward a more sustainable brand.

Cristian Barcan May 2016

How to Identify Your Brand’s Sustainable Pathway

A materiality study offers a snapshot of how well you’re doing now in the environmental, social and economic spheres—key to becoming a sustainable business.

Cristian Barcan Apr 2016

Moving to a More Sustainable Future

Achieving sustainability in the vinyl industry demands a 5-step iterative process that requires both tweaks and tough choices to be made.