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Richard Krock

VP, Regulatory Affairs & Technical Affairs

Rich Krock is responsible for coordinating the vinyl resin industry’s regulatory and technical affairs. As a registered professional engineer, Rich’s career has spanned petroleum refining, carbon fibers and pitch, plastic resin polymerization, plastics compounding, plastics processing and recycling.  He has worked in the PVC industry for the past 28 years and holds a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering from The University of Cincinnati and an MBA from Marshall University in Huntington, WV.

Contact Information:

Richard Krock VP, Regulatory Affairs & Technical Affairs

(202) 765-2287



Richard Krock Dec 2016

Frequently Asked Questions About Dioxins

Dioxin are not a building materials or interior products health concern because human exposure overwhelmingly comes from the food we eat.

Richard Krock Jan 2016

Fallacies and Facts About Chlor-Vinyl Dioxin Emissions

Perkins+Will (P+W) and the Healthy Building Network (HBN) released a paper in November that grossly misrepresents relevant publicly available data and leaves readers misinformed about the U.S. vinyl resin manufacturers’ environmental performance and continual improvements in reducing emissions over the last 20 years.

Richard Krock meeting with EPA
Richard Krock Mar 2014

VI Discusses National Standard For Water Main Breaks With EPA

Vinyl Institute’s Technical Director, Richard Krock, proposed a national standard for water main breaks as a way of curbing the tremendous losses in energy and resources hurting our nation’s water supply.