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Who We Are

The Vinyl Institute, founded in 1982, is a U.S. trade organization representing the leading manufacturers of vinyl, vinyl chloride monomer, and vinyl additives and modifiers. The Vinyl Institute serves as the voice for the vinyl industry, engaging industry stakeholders in shaping the future of the vinyl industry. The U.S. vinyl industry encompasses nearly 3,000 vinyl manufacturing facilities, more than 350,000 employees and an overall economic value of $54B. 

Vision: A Compelling Future for the Industry

Vinyl is the material of choice for diverse products that enhance the quality of life.

Mission: Vinyl Institute’s Core Purpose

The Vinyl Institute is dedicated to promoting the benefits of vinyl products.

Value Premise: Premise For Vinyl Institute’s Marketplace Differentiation and Success

The Vinyl Institute serves as the collective voice for the vinyl industry; engaging industry stakeholders in shaping the future of the vinyl industry.

Core Values: The Foundation for the Vinyl Institute’s Work

Integrity: The VI continually seeks to represent the vinyl industry’s interests in a manner that is respected for its honesty and transparency.
Open Communication: The VI embraces the diversity of views and encourages dialogue as a way to reach a more enlightened outcome.
Passion:  The VI brings together people who are driven to improve the vinyl industry’s overall performance and to represent the industry’s interests across diverse stakeholders.
Competence: The VI is composed of quality people who consistently strive to be the best at what they do in representing the vinyl industry’s interests.
Evidence-Based Science: The VI is committed to evidence-based science about vinyl products and their benefits and impacts.
Working to make a Difference in the World: The VI represents vinyl resin producers and other manufacturers throughout the vinyl value chain that produce products and services that are sustainable and that enhance the quality of life

Strategic Objectives: To Achieve the Vinyl Institute’s Vision/Mission/Value Premise

Advocate Vinyl Industry Priorities with Lawmakers, Regulatory Agencies and Codes and Standards Organizations
Communicate the Benefits of Vinyl Products with Key Audiences
Engage Companies and Organizations that Impact the Selection of Vinyl Products
Champion Comprehensive Performance Improvement throughout the Vinyl Industry
Foster Global Collaboration throughout the Vinyl Industry
Drive Operational Excellence Responsive to Member Needs

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