Vinyl360 Conference and Congressional Fly-in in Review

Tuesday, September 20th (Conference Presentations)

Becoming Essential: Building and Maintaining Competitive Advantage
Scott Steinberg, CEO, TechSavvy Global (Presentation)
**Scott Steinberg has provided attendees with two ebooks: Leading with Innovation and Millennial Marketing: Bridging the Generation Gap.

Friend or Foe: The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility and Supply Chain Sustainability Programs
Cristian Barcan, Vice President of Sustainability Industry Affairs, Vinyl Institute and Executive Director, Vinyl Business and Sustainability Council (Presentation I and Presentation II)
Jim Sullivan, Vice President of Sustainability Management and Strategy, SAP (Link Used During Presentation)

Trends Affecting Home Building and Multifamily Housing Development
Ken Gear, Executive Director, Leading Builders of America
Doug Bibby, President, National Multifamily Housing Council (Presentation)

The Economic Forecast: Some Sunny Days with Some Cloudy Periods
Elliot Eisenberg, Chief Economist, GraphsandLaughs, LLC. (Presentation)

Legislative Issues Affecting the Vinyl Industry
Alex Herrgott, Deputy Staff Director, Environmental and Public Works Committee
Adam Krantz, CEO, National Association of Clean Water Agencies
Ken Monahan, Director of International Trade Policy, National Association of Manufacturers 
(If you would like a copy of Ken Monahan's presentation, please contact David Dunston.)
Ken Gear, Executive Director, Leading Builders of America

What to Expect from the 2016 Elections
Amy Walter, National Editor, Cook Political Report

Wednesday, September 21st (Congressional Fly-in Follow-up)

At the Vinyl360 Congressional Fly-in, we focused on four issues that affect the vinyl industry:

Thank You to Congress

Here is a sample thank you letter which you may use to draft your own letters of thanks to each office you met with. If you don't want to reach out to every office, please be sure to at least thank your individual Congressperson. Please be sure to CC John Serarano as well, so we can add it to our file for future reference.

Plant Tour with Your Congressman

Congressional recess is fast approaching, and this is the perfect time to invite your Congressmen on a tour of your facility back in the district. Plant tours are a great way to foster a stong relationship with your Members of Congress by connecting your name and face with the jobs you provide his or her constituents. You will definitely have an impact on their perspective. Here is a sample facility visit request which can be used to draft your very own request. Please be sure to CC John Serarano as well, so we can add it to our file for future reference.

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