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Architects and Designers Satisfaction with Vinyl Is Up 20 Percent

Nov 2016

Satisfaction with vinyl and vinyl applications is up over 20 percent since 2010 amongst architects and interior designers. According to a research study by Accountability Information Management, architects said that they are 15 percent more satisfied with vinyl today, and interior designers said they are 28 percent more satisfied.

Sustainability is key.

Vinyl’s sustainability registered the greatest increase in satisfaction – up 30 percent. Architects and designers also said they are more satisfied with vinyl’s impact on the environment and its ability to meet their clients’ needs.

Architects and designers are generally very satisfied, and they are using vinyl building products, including flooring, wallcovering, and more. They use it because:

  • It’s durable and performs well over time.
  • It’s easy to maintain/clean.
  • It’s less expensive than many alternatives.
  • It does not rust or corrode.

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