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Dr. James Summers Received the 2015 Roy T. Gottesman Leadership Award

Nov 2015

Dr. James (Jim) Summers received the Roy T. Gottesman Leadership Award at the 2015 Vinyl Institute Annual Meeting. The Gottesman Award was established in honor of the Vinyl Institute’s founding director and recognizes outstanding service to the vinyl industry over an individual’s career.

Dr. Summers, hailing from Indiana, graduated from Rose Hulman in Terre Haute, Indiana, and he finished his masters and PhD at Case Western Reserve. Dr. Summers and his staff at BF Goodrich worked with other industry leaders and built upon their knowledge, figuring out how to take polyvinyl chloride and make it into the many things that enhances the quality of life today.

Dr. Summers has worked on the functionality of the primary particle, allowing the industry to make many advances in technology and products. He has worked on how CaSt and waxes interact to help fusion and extrusion, answering questions on surfaces and lubrication, lubricant synergism, lubricant structures, and mechanisms of lubrication.

Dr. Summers is well published. He published over 100 papers and books, including the PVC Handbook (2005). He is a SPE fellow, and he won many best paper awards. He now serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Vinyl and Additives Technology.

Dr. Summers has had a great impact on the vinyl industry throughout his career innovating and inventing, including his 19 patents.