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Obama Denies Keystone XL Pipeline

Nov 2015

For over seven years, the President has had the opportunity to put American workers and our nation's security first. But once again, President Obama chose politics over the best interests of the country, even ignoring the State Department's numerous studies, which confirmed that there was no sound environmental reason to delay the Keystone XL Pipeline project. 

Rejecting the Keystone XL Pipeline also breaks two promises the President made: to put jobs and growth first, and to seek bipartisan solutions.

LOST: Jobs and Economic Growth

  • The Keystone XL Pipeline project would have created 42,000 new jobs for American workers during construction, putting $2.2 billion in workers' pockets.
  • The Keystone XL Pipeline would have contributed $3.4 billion to U.S. GDP.

IGNORED: Bipartisan Solutions

  • Congress voted 10 times on legislation in support of the President granting the construction permit. Yet despite bipartisan support, he still vetoed the legislation.
  • 57% of Americans support the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

In playing politics with the Keystone XL Pipeline, the President also overlooked two very serious concerns: our infrastructure needs and energy security for the next several decades.

OVERLOOKED: U.S. Infrastructure Needs and Energy Security

  • The American energy revolution faces an infrastructure problem. The Keystone XL Pipeline would have helped solve this problem by moving up to 100,000 barrels per day of crude oil from North Dakota.
  • The Keystone XL Pipeline would have provided us with energy from a friendly neighbor -- energy essential to fueling our economy.
  • Every barrel of oil imported from Canada, via the Keystone XL Pipeline, would have reduced our dependency on oil from unfriendly nations.

It's impossible to view this administration as anything but a massive failure on energy, and the rejection of the Keystone XL Pipeline is yet another nail in the coffin for North American energy development.

It's time to tell President Obama: Enough is enough. We need a forward-thinking energy policy that will take advantage of American innovation and our abundant energy resources so we can grow our economy and get Americans working again.