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The Vinyl Institute Is Sending Three Students to Vinyltec

Sep 2017

The Vinyl Institute (VI) has selected three students to attend the Society of Plastics Engineers’ 2017 Vinyltec, the largest vinyl-focused conference in the U.S. The goal is to introduce emerging engineers to vinyl, the material and the industry.

Meet the three amazing students -- Deonante Frazier, Kyle Kilponen, and Michael Webster – VI has selected to join other participants at 2017 Vinyltec.

About Deonante Frazier

Deonante Frazier is a student at Mississippi State University and on co-op at Westlake Chemical. His interests in chemistry and technology emerged in his middle school years when his parents bought him a small computer with average processing and power. He became intrigued by how it worked and began to learn computer personalization tasks via YouTube, including inserting and removing RAM sticks.

Deonante is most interested in learning about vinyl’s various applications and the chemistry behind each application. He would also like to learn more about vinyl chloride monomer and its impact on the environment.

About Kyle Kilponen

Kyle Kilponen is a senior chemical engineering major at Michigan State University. He has worked at CertainTeed/Saint-Gobain as a materials and product development intern in their Siding Products Group. Kyle’s interest in studying science was first piqued in his high school chemistry class. Atoms and molecules, including the fact that they make up everything around him, fascinated him.

At 2017 Vinyltec, Kyle hopes to learn about green chemistry as it relates to the vinyl industry as well as new vinyl research that will help prepare him for his career.

About Michael Webster

Michael Webster is a student at Mississippi State University and on co-op at Westlake Chemical. In seventh grade, he was fascinated by the baking soda and vinegar volcano eruption project. That, coupled with his growing curiosity about how things work, led him to the conclusion that chemical engineering was right for him.

Michael wants to walk away from Vinyltec with an understanding of the nuances of the vinyl industry as well as how broadly it impacts the world around us. He would also like to learn the newest methods and techniques to help him in his current position.