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Vinyl Makes a Splash This Summer

Jun 2014

June 21 marked the first day of summer.  As temperatures rise and the sun shines brighter, Americans everywhere will see vinyl products outdoors.  Whether it’s pool toys, lawn furniture, beach umbrellas, or canopies, the use of vinyl in these products makes them more durable and capable of withstanding the harsh temperatures and intense rays from the sun.

Vinyl wicker patio furniture.Vinyl-based outdoor furniture in particular, has grown in popularity over the years.  Today wicker furniture made from woven strands of vinyl will last for years compared to traditional wicker that begins to deteriorate after one season when exposed to the elements.

As a kid I can still remember my mother’s traditional wicker patio set.  After about two years the strands began to break and the paint began to chip.  The whole set lasted about three years before the dog became enticed with the broken strands poking out and chewed off one of the legs.

The patio set below is a great example of a more modern take on vinyl wicker.  Not only does it look great, it’s also going to last for decades.

Another great feature of vinyl patio furniture is the fact that it often costs a lot less than that traditional materials, at times only half the cost of similar furniture made from traditional wicker.

Vinyl Patio FurnitureUnlike my mother’s old wicker set, vinyl is far less likely to break or chip and since it doesn’t have to be painted there’s no worry about peeling.  If you do decide to change the color of your patio set, painting is far easier and typically lasts longer on vinyl than more traditional surfaces like wood or metal - materials that rust, corrode, and decay.

When you’re thinking about outdoor furniture durability is probably one of your most important factors, and rightfully so.  That’s what makes versatile vinyl such a great material for standing up to the elements.  There’s no risk of corrosion or decay and the investment can last you decades.  So when you’re setting up an entertaining space this season, think about durability and think of vinyl.