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Vinyl Siding Ban Overturned in Georgia

Jan 2019

Earlier this week, The Vinyl Siding Institute, in partnership with Georgia residents and homebuilders, overturned a vinyl siding ban in Carrollton, GA.  In a resounding decision, resolution 03-2019-UDO Amendment – Vinyl Siding, passed the Council, 6 to 1 and has now been approved by the mayor. 

Georgia homebuilder John Denney expressed his support for the resolution, saying, “Vinyl siding is a durable product, more so than wood and [engineered wood], and it’s one of the lowest maintenance exterior products available for homeowners.  When installed properly, it’s among the best siding products on the market”.

Across Georgia, at least 12 counties and five municipalities have imposed ordinances that limit or outright ban vinyl siding.  The Vinyl Siding Institute along with the Home Builders of Georgia and thousands of Georgians are working on legislation that will prevent local governments from telling you how your home must look or what materials you can use.

If you’d like more information on this initiative, please contact Alex Fernandez, Assistant Director of Advocacy with the Vinyl Siding Institute at,