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Vinyl360 Speaker Spotlight: Elliot Eisenberg

Sep 2016

At Vinyl360, economist Elliott Eisenberg will explore and compare economic conditions across the U.S. and hone in on key monetary, energy, housing, and labor trends. Join the conference to gain insights on how GDP growth will perform, what inflation and interest rates are likely to do, how labor market conditions will change, what wage growth and household wealth will look like, and how energy prices will behave.

Eisenberg, chief economist at economic consulting firm GraphcsandLaughs, is a nationally recognized economist and speaker who also authors a daily, 70-word commentary on the economy. His research and opinions have been featured in Bloomberg, Business Week, Bureau of National Affairs, Forbes, Fortune, and other publications. He is a regularly featured guest on cable news programs and public radio.

Eisenberg is former chief economist at the National Association of Home Builders, the creator of the multifamily stock index, a syndicated columnist, and the author of more than 85 articles. He serves on the Expert Advisory Board of Mortgage Market Guide and is a consultant to several large real estate professional associations, hedge funds, and investment advisory groups.