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Why VI and VBSC Sponsor Sustainable Brands

Feb 2017

The Vinyl Institute (VI) and the Vinyl Building and Sustainability Council (VBSC) are sponsors of Sustainable Brands, a media group that provides forums throughout the world where business leaders in the sustainability field come together to find ways to create a more sustainable world.

We belief as an industry that a proactive role in sustainability will help us influence, rather than follow, the future direction of this important issue for the vinyl industry and for society. Our sponsorship with Sustainable Brands allows us to do that by providing a forum for engaging with many influencers of buying decisions for vinyl products – retailers, manufacturers, government and trade associations, NGOs, and academia. It also offers vinyl industry members an opportunity to participate in Sustainable Brands events to  learn about current and upcoming sustainable trends, to better understand stakeholder positions relative to our products, to showcase vinyl’s sustainability gains and applications, and to drive new business.

The vinyl industry has made tremendous strides in the sustainability field and has many great sustainability stories to tell. Sustainable Brands offers us an opportunity to tell our stories to a wider audience.