Pillar 1: Developing a Clear Sustainability Purpose and Positioning

Pressing issues such as natural resource depletion, land management, clean water, food, and climate change effect our quality of life. They also impact all market segments including: agriculture, energy, transportation, building and construction, and water infrastructure. Vinyl products play a significant role in fulfilling these needs. As an industry, we understand that meeting the needs of a fast-growing population will demand much more of the earth’s natural resources. We want to be prepared to address this challenge.

If Nothing Changes, the World Will Need Three Planets Worth of Resources

If we do nothing, the world will need three planets worth of resources to meet future population demands.

Sustainability is about producing more with less: better environmental and natural resources stewardship, with economic sense and social due diligence. As an industry, doing more with less is essential to the way we manufacture and market our products.

A Balanced Approach is Needed

Being more sustainable requires the vinyl value chain to develop an integrated, balanced approach where environmental, social, and economic issues are taken into consideration equally. Doing this right is hard, but it will lead to long-term, sustainable benefits.